Aspara CGS1003-W 16 Hole Removable Reservoir Hydroponic Grower

Manufacturer: Aspara
Aspara 16 Hole Removable Reservoir Hydroponic Grower
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Manufacturer part number: GS1003-W
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Assembled Dimensions

21"W x 13.1"D x 14.4"H

Automatic watering system (with proprietary reverse ebb & flow technique) 

60W max power

86 Patent-pending adjustable LED grow lights

Blends red, blue, white light to provide most suitable spectrum for plant growth

Adjustable in both intensity and spectrum to cater different plant needs at different growth stage

Smart sensors and control system to detect, monitor and accurately master the grow condition to provide best plant grow environment. Monitored parameters include:

  • Water level
  • Nutrient level
  • Light intensity o Humidity
  • Air temperature
  • Water temperature

Remote monitoring and control by asparaTM apps (iOS or Android version)

Planting days ready for harvest 30 days – for salad vegetables 

1 year limited warranty

Seed Kits Sold Separately