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Aspara KLS0001U 8 capsule seed kit - Lettuce Selected

Manufacturer: Aspara
Aspara 8 capsule seed kit - Lettuce Selected including Seed Starter
Manufacturer part number: KLS0001U
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Get a head start on your next harvest with a seed starter. Germinate seeds for your next batch approximately a week before your current harvest to get the most out of your Aspara!

Lettuce Selected is a combination of Green lettuce, Red lettuce, Butterhead, and/or Mixed lettuce capsules. This colorful combination is aesthetically pleasing and provides various nutrients that benefit to our health.

​Includes nutrient packages

Type: Lettuce

Sprout: 2-7 days

Harvest: 28-35 days

Seed from: USA / Canada / Netherlands


100% Germination Guarantee

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